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Umrah with kids

As a parent, i understand the difficulties one would go through when they travel umrah with the kids. Let me share a few points to remember from my experience.

Mentally prepare yourself and set your niyyath easier.

When we have decided to proceed on the trip, we have to sit down and plan with our partner, who will be travlling with us on our roles throughout the trip. Definately one parent can't handle the duties all by themselves.  We have to pen down what ibadah we are going to do when we are in Makkah and Madinah. Set a goal which you could achieve. Definately we have to juggle ourselves in between performing ibaadah and parenting our child. One of the important points is to not to stress yourself in any point. When we are stressed our trip will not be peaceful. 

Example of a pen down ibadah:

  • zikir 10000 Astagfirullah throughout the trip.
  • Zikir 10,000 salawat 
  • Will visit Rawdah (without the kids) 2 times.
  • Perform 3 Umrah with the group
  • 10 sets of tawaaf (2 each day)

Pack the bag of the kids separately and contain all necessary items

We have to make sure that we pack all the necessary stuff of the kids into one bag. When you pack it separately , it will be easy to access whenever you need it.

Some of the things to be included when packing 

  • Fever, cough medicines, skin lotion to protect the kids skin due to weather conditions, Lip Balm
  • clothing according to the weather. In case of cold weather you need to pack the sweater. For hot weather vice versa. 
  • 2 Water Bottles. Just in case they loss one during the trip.
  • Their favorite books, toys, tab to grab their attention during important moments where you need to concentrate during the trip.  
  • If you have a picky eater, prepare to pack up snacks for the entire trip so that they don't turn grumpy . I used to pack up a small portable rice cooker, and rice grain packet as my son was very particular about his rice. Once we fulfill their tummy, they will be peaceful and we can be peaceful as well. 

Take turns with your partner during night ibaadahs. 

We can stand all night to perform Ibaadah, but our kids need rest in the night. You can plan with your partner alternate days to take care of the kids in the night to perform your ibaadah. I mention here partner because, that partner could be your mum or your husband.. 

Trolley or Baby Carrier 

Trolleys are not allowed in Haram when performing Umrah. Baby Carrier is the best option to use when you have to carry them when you are performing Umrah. Carrying in hands too long may result in muscle pain and may not be able to have the same strength on the next day. Trolleys are allowed outside Haram and Masjid Nabawi. In Masjid Nabawi, kids are not allowed inside the masjid prayer area. Plan yourself to pray outside with many other kids in that area.

Ihram for the mini boys.

ihram for kids are available in Madinah. If your package is planned for Madinah first, then you can purchase in Madinah.Otherwise you can cut an adult ihram material vertically and have 2 sets for them to use during the trip. 

Make it a Historical and Meaningful trip for them to keep it in their memory 

As a child they do not know the importance of the Umrah trip. Before the trip, shere with them stories about our beloved prophet, the history of Kabah, zam zam water, prophet Ismail. This enhances them to to feel excited about the trip. So when we are there, we can tell them that this is the Kabah that i mentioned before. They learn through their experience and they tend to remember better. As a parent, this will be your success in laying the first foundation of bricks for their strong Imaan...Insha'Allah.

-written by MeherajNeesha Abdul Aziz